This is Mostafa and I have something special for you below...
"How any muslim parent can educate their children at home better than a public school, without a college degree or any teaching experience at all. And exactly how to start doing it today."
From Mostafa Eldasher
Cherryhill, New Jersey

Dear muslim parent,
One of my biggest fears was messing up my children's education...
("What if they grow up incapable and end up Blaming me for it?" )
What if I can't do a better job than the public school system... and all the nay-sayers were right?
[ But then I learned the secret... ]
It's actually easier to get it right, than to screw it up!
But to help you understand I need to go back to the beginning...
"Should we try... another one?" my wife asked. 

"Umm, I'm not sure... 

I think it's right. you think it's right?" 
I replied, not really knowing what to say.

It took a moment to sink in... then soon after we were laughing and smiling
 (in like a silly, nervous way).

We had just wrapped up 2014 when my wife, Angelina (aka Umm Laylah), and I learned we were going to have our first child.

 I still remember the feelings of excitement laced with fear that were surging through us for the days to follow.
Pregnant with Laylah | Laylah's Classroom
I was in the Air Force and my wife was working at a job that required her to commute almost 90 minutes each way. 

I worried about her with all the crazies driving on the New Jersey Turnpike during rush hour traffic.

So when she decided she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, we were both relieved.

A few months later, a few ultrasounds, and several baby books in...
My wife tells me, 
"I think we should homeschool."
At this point, she'd done enough talking with her cousin's wife who's been homeschooling her 3 boys, that I wasn't going to convince her otherwise.

But I thought she was crazy.

I had never met a homeschooled kid in my adolescent years, but I vaguely remember the teen consensus being something like:
"...Buncha weirdos"
However, the more I dug into the topic the more I started to like it. 

You see, I was on my second or third attempt at starting a business. (I wanted to have something after I left the Air Force and more importantly, something my kids could have when I was gone.)
But even with a degree in business, the real world stuff was...well...another world altogether. 
I realized there was so much lacking from my early education, that I ended up needing to supplement on my own. 

My parents immigrated here from Egypt when they were much older, so they just assumed public school was as good as theirs was. 

But me... I grew up here. I see where it's lacking. And I see where it's heading... (and who can ignore the growing problem of violence and acceptance of immoralities?)

So what excuse was I going to give my children when they grew up to realize that...
 ...I knew all of this, but still sent them to public school?
I wanted to ensure that they knew I loved them and that I did my best for them...  

And so homeschooling was beginning to look like the answer.

Soon after,
I read more books in a few months than I did my entire life. 

I kept thinking about all the things I could have learned from my school teachers or the loads of crap I had to unlearn to become a decent adult ( how to hide my ethnicity or things I liked to avoid being bullied).

Things like...
  • Understanding what drives my emotions and what drives the actions of others.
  • How to deal with anger, heartache, adversity, disappointment...
  • How to handle success (which is a biggie), free time, and rejection...
  • How to set smart goals and develop systems to achieve them... 
  • How to prioritize things in daily life...
  • How to think big...
  • How to be present in the moment so that my actions mattered...
  • How to explore my talents...
  • And most importantly, how to find happiness in my own life.
The more books I read about business, self development, and parenting...
the more I realized the foundational ingredients needed for a healthy, happy, and successful child was not going to be found in the common core assembly line called public school. 

And then...
...that's when it hit me: homeschooling is the key to unlocking my child's potential...
...with the ability to be in full control of what they learned and didn't learn we could cut the crap and go for the stuff that really mattered. 

I was now on board.

The next ultrasound was a special one...
[ The Gender Reveal ]
Now, spiritually, I was ready to accept whatever Allah SWT entrusted me with... 
but my human/worldly desire was a son first. 

So up until this point I didn't stress myself out over a particular gender because it would've just been a waste of energy. 

But when the technician exclaimed...
"it's a GIRL!" ...

I felt anxious for a moment... and a little speechless. 

"Oh my God... I have no idea what to do with a girl..." I thought.

I never actually thought about the reality of raising a girl in today's world because, well...I never had to. 

I felt a bit lost.. (as if I somehow needed to have everything planned out right then and there...smh, lol... Silly, I know). 

That feeling soon turned to acceptance and gratitude.

 And as I was driving us home holding my wife's hand, I felt this overwhelming sense of motivation to succeed...
...I was more determined than ever to learn how.
A few months later, 
I held Laylah in my hands for the first time...
Mostafa holding Laylah | Laylah's Classroom
After a few more rough months of adjusting and loving the smell of coffee like never before...

Angie and I started doing all the things most people do to get mentally prepared to homeschool, like researching activities, curriculum, looking for others near by, ...ferociously debating it with family and friends, etc.

Also, as the leader of our household, I was very interested in how to manage life around homeschooling so we could all keep our sanity…

We figured if we had a head start,

we could get the ball rolling before preschool age rolled around.
(Dumb mistake)
So Angie and I scoured the internet for groups and resources to help us learn… but not just from anyone, we wanted to learn from like minded people who shared the same beliefs and values that we did. Like... 
  • How do you teach in a Prophetic way? 
  •  Does our diet affect our homeschool life?
  •  What can we do to get more done with each day while avoiding burnout and still tying in religious obligations?
  •  How can we prepare to handle the teenage years and high school?
  •  What about college prep and state laws?
  •  Is what we’re doing even permissible in Islam?
We wanted to find information so pure, that we wouldn’t have to filter out half the teachings just to keep it halal… 
We came across a few special individuals that really shined. 

They were the few talking about the stuff we read in all those self development books... 

The stuff that mattered most to us... 

The stuff that I was most excited to homeschool for... to teach kids how to learn so they can succeed on their own.
(Which turns out, is the big secret to why it's easier to succeed at educating your children than it is to screw them up... )

I mean they really poured everything out into what they did,
so we knew they were going to be the key to shortcut our learning curve and start homeschooling on the right track. 

As we shared with friends coming into homeschooling as well, I saw the same amazed reaction each time. 
It's as if they felt like they had to go it alone, then suddenly found light.
"How many others could be feeling the same way?" I thought to myself.

We came across all types of Christian conferences, events, and seminars for homeschooling... but nothing specifically for us Muslims.

Suddenly I had this feeling of selfishness… 

How can I just sit here... 
knowing that others, like us, are out there struggling to learn the same stuff...
and not do everything I can to bring it all in one place, 
like other faith groups do for their people?

That’s when we decided to host a convention for the first time! 
But not just any homeschool convention... specifically for muslim parents, who are on the fence or just starting out with homeschooling, just like we were.
We had no idea how to do it… 
But we knew what we were learning had the power to change other muslim parents lives and help them homeschool with confidence.

I was still working full time in the Air Force...
Angelina was struggling with Laylah's unique and ever-changing patterns (or lack thereof).

We expected it to be challenging... but we were excited!
Mostafa and Laylah from Laylah's Classroom
I would come home and we'd immediately get working on it...

We thought deeply about what information impacted our homeschool journey and how other information actually set us back. 

So we needed to layout a theme to help others learn in a way that wouldn't shock their system, but build their confidence up.

Angelina and I filtered through everything we've learned and everything our friends found valuable to create the topics we knew would have the most impact on any muslim homeschoolers life, as it did on ours.

But after some time and many attempts... we realized the complexity of such an event was far greater than we imagined...
[ Negative Talk Began ]
What if we put in all this work and then everything falls apart? 
What if someone we hire bails on us?
Laylah's Classroom
And well...
That's exactly what happened...
We lost money, time, and patience.

It was rough.

But we couldn't imagine starting a homeschool without having learned all of this...

And we were reminded of it every time we met another muslim parent who was lost and feeling stressed on their homeschool journey, just like we were.

So we knew we had to keep trying. 

Because much like starting a homeschool (or any project in life)... 
we are never in control of the outcome.

Our task is simply... put in the maximum amount of effort and leave the rest to The Almighty.
Months went by... 
Angelina was now carrying our 2nd baby girl!  (We named her Layanne.)

( about being outnumbered...) 

Laylah was starting to walk, talk, and climb...
(the time was flying by)

What we had learned was being put into practice at an alarming rate!
Laylah's Classroom
...All of this made us realize there is never going to be "a good time" to do something like this for the Ummah.
We needed to accept that it's not going to get any easier and that we just needed to make dua and work harder... 

While in her 3rd trimester and barely able to move around enough to catch up with toddler Laylah, 
Angelina and I finally built an all-star line up that would deliver the message we knew other muslim homeschoolers needed to hear.

Alhamdulillah, just weeks away from Angie's due date and over a year since it's inception...
...we successfully hosted a 6 hour long, global live event, that muslims tuned into from 13 different countries, across 3 different continents!
Here’s what people were saying:
What people had to say about the Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom
After the event, Angelina went on to help co-found and operate South Jersey's LARGEST and fastest growing Muslim Homeschool Co-Op. 
(Which I also teach at.)
South Jersey Muslim Homeschoolers Co-op | Islamic homeschool convention by Laylah's Classroom
Here's a picture of us spending the day learning on a farm.
It was one of our favorite field trips!
(I was holding the camera)
Laylah South Jersey Muslim Homeschoolers Co-op | Islamic homeschool convention by Laylah's Classroom
(Laylah sporting her muslim Co-Op shirt.)
And on top of everythingwe're now confident in handling our kids education and ensuring they feel loved and cared for.
Mostafa | Islamic homeschool convention by Laylah's Classroom
Now, if something could help you feel the same about educating your children, and also save you time, embarrassment, and guilt from making big (avoidable) homeschool mistakes, wouldn’t it be worth exploring?
If your answer is yes, then you're probably as overwhelmed and confused as we were when we started searching for answers.
And so, I've put together something I wish was available to my wife and I years ago...
Homeschooling Convention | Laylah's Classroom
The Islamic Homeschool Convention Bundle is not only packed with over 5.5 hours of expert knowledge to end your homeschool worries...
but it's also built to support your success in the crucial aspects of homeschooling. Even if you've never taught anything before in your life.
Here's everything you're getting today when you choose to invest in your family...
Dr. Gemma Elizabeth from OurMuslimHomeschool | Laylah's Classroom

Dr. Gemma Elizabeth 
“Raising Independent Learners and Thinkers: The Key to Future Success”

My wife went to medical school at Ross University to become a veterinarian, but had a change of heart towards the end. She realized her future was in nurturing a family, not caring for animals. So when she met Dr. Elizabeth, who too was a veterinarian turned homeschooler, she instantly became her number one fan. 
I remember how excited she was when Gemma agreed to partner up. And just as we expected, this presentation was a fan favorite! 
Inside you’ll find some very practical tips to nurturing your own independent learner at home. 
Dr. Elizabeth is a homeschooling mother of three from the U.K. who passionately advocates for home education by writing about it everywhere she can.
She even speaks to mothers across the country about the benefits of homeschooling. In between the science experiments, read-alouds and math drills, she finds time to film videos and writes on her blog OurMuslimHomeschool. 
Asmaa Hussein from Ruqaya's Bookshelf | Laylah's Classroom

Asmaa Hussein
"Inspired by Muhammad (saw): Prophetic Methods of Teaching and Correcting your Children" 

Some of the simplest parenting advice is often overlooked. That’s why when I found out Angie was bringing Asmaa Hussein to speak at the convention, I was incredibly excited to let my sister know (she attended one of her live conferences!)
Asmaa shares practical tips on how to correct our children while still increasing our relationship with them, much like the Prophet (pbuh) would do. 
She’s a writer, registered social worker, and mother. Asmaa is also an author of several children’s books, and the creator of Ruqaya’s Bookshelf, a website about the Islamic parenting experience. 
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, she’s been actively involved in the Muslim community there for many years.
Shannen Espelien from MiddlewayMom | Laylah's Classroom

Shannen Espelien
"Paving the Way to Successfully Graduating your Homeschooler"

Even the most educated parents struggle to recall everything from high school. 
So how are so many successful at homeschooling their teens? As Shannen Espelien will explain, it’s not about putting yourself back into your high school class that will help your teen, it’s simply being resourceful. 
As a lifelong learner with a Bachelor's degree in I.T. and a current student of Mishkah University, Shannen has four daughters, from second grade to college. 
Homeschooling is a passion for Shannen, and she enjoys hosting Homeschooling 101 sessions online and locally, plus sharing the ups and downs, and tips and tricks of homeschooling via her blog, Middle Way Mom. 
When she's not homeschooling, you can find her taking online classes, reading. knitting, quilting, or otherwise generally avoiding housework.
Fatima Hachem | Laylah's Classroom

Fatima Hachem
"Productivity: 5 Steps to Manage Time"

One of the biggest struggle for those leaving structured-for-you environments like work or school is becoming self motivated and organized
If it wasn’t for my summer job at 14 years old, I would probably have slept in and did everything in the least structured way possible, like my junior high peers. But fortunately I had good mentors over the years (and of course the military helped a bit, lol)
But so often you find a parent who was hailed for having it all together at their 9-5 job, struggle when it comes to being self-driven. 
Creating life structure and goals is a skill set. 
And without it, we’d be like a leaf in the wind of life. Fatima speaks on the one resource we can never make more of… but the one that we all have the same amount of each day: Time. Fatima Hachem is a self-development and productivity blogger with a positive attitude. She is the founder at 
She enjoys helping others be productive and improve themselves in life. Her biggest aim is to inspire Muslimahs all over the world to keep motivated and have a positive attitude in life so they can be their best self. 
Hana Khatib from Pepper and Pine | Laylah's Classroom

Hana Khatib
"How to get the Best out of your Child"

When I was younger, my talents and abilities were seldom noticed because the school I went to didn’t measure us that way. 
How silly would it be to expect a fish to climb a tree? Don’t get caught in this common pitfall. 
Your children are not broken if they’re not proficient at everything. In her presentation, Hana shares how nurturing your child’s interests and natural abilities will allow them to reach their potential throughout the homeschool journey (one of the biggest reasons why I love homeschooling). 

Hana has been an active member of her local homeschooling community since 2003, and in 2015, she finally decided to share her homeschooling tips through her online brand, Pepper and Pine.
Her four children range from grade school to college and she can finally say with confidence that homeschooling was a successful endeavor so far, Alhumdulillah. 
Her son was a junior in university at 18 years old and she hopes the rest of her children will find equal academic success. Above that, Hana prays her children keep Islam in their heart and actions for their entire life. Her homeschooling style is inspired by the Waldorf philosophy. 
Nazima Qureshi from Nutrition by Naz | Laylah's Classroom

Nazima Qureshi
"The Importance of Prioritizing Your Health as a Homeschooling Parent"

One of the last things that tends to be on our minds when caring for youngsters is…well…ourselves. 
Most homeschool parents avoid thinking about their fitness because it just feels like more work. 
But as Nazima Qureshi teaches us, it’s actually far more simple than we thought, and can be achieved without rearranging our entire life. 
As a registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer with a Masters of Public Health, Nazima uses a non-diet approach (which always includes dessert!) in her coaching business, Nutrition by Nazima, where she focuses on helping Muslim women achieve a healthier lifestyle. 
Nazima resides in Toronto, Canada where she is inspired by food, fitness, and her family. 
Ameera Rahim from Traditional Muslimah Homemaker | Laylah's Classroom

Ameera Rahim
”Answering the Call: Our Purpose" 

There are thieves waiting to steal from you when you start homeschooling. They’re after your joy. And the problem is… most people never see it coming. 
Ameera Rahim breaks down how NOT to reflect back on your journey with resentment. 
I told my wife that Ameera’s talk is probably the most important for our soul. It has so much depth and can apply to everything in our lives. 
As a certified aromatherapist and herbalist, she homeschools her 7 (yes, SEVEN) children.
Ameera shares the joy and lessons in homemaking on her page Traditional Muslimah Homemaker, and her family's homeschooling journey on Habeebee Homeschooling. Author of several books, Ameera also helps run the family's herbal shop, Team Rahim Family Herbals. She resides in Georgia, where she loves to can her own jam, garden, and make herbal concoctions.
Evangeline Do from Handmade Beginnings | Laylah's Classroom

Evangeline Do
"DIY Islamic Inspired Textiles"

Remember the joy of making something with your hands?
It’s like a tangible version of your imagination –even though it never came out right…lol. 
But who cares, it was fun and rewarding! 
We often forget that creativity is learning too. 
Let Evangeline Do, a former Kindergarten teacher and homeschooling mom of four children, walk you and your kids through an easy and fun, islamic Inspired craft project. Evangeline now has a small home-based business called Handmade Beginnings. 
You will often find her at her sewing machine teaching sewing lessons to children and women, or creating children's products for her Etsy shop. She loves to journal about her creative and homeschooling adventures on her blog. When she isn't teaching, creating, or mothering, you can find her exploring the great outdoors with her family in Ontario.
Q&A Session - Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom

Q&A Session

Angelina and I knew that after all these amazing presentations we’d have loads of questions for the speakers. And if we did, that meant everyone else would as well. 
So we made sure to spare enough time for the audience to pick their brain
Some of the most valuable nuggets can be found in this session. We’re super glad we scheduled it in. 
Make sure to watch!
Angelina's Notes from the Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom

Angie's Notes

No one was more excited about the Homeschool Convention than my wife. And you can tell by how much note taking she did! 
Going through undergrad and a few years of Vet school, Angie could have taught a Ph.D class in note taking (just kidding, but that’s how amazing her notes are!)
I loved how detailed they were, so I asked her if I could give them away to everyone
I'm pleased to announce that below each presentation in the members area you’ll find her notes ready for you to review while watching, so you don’t have to worry about taking your own.
(Although that's totally up to you!)
Speakers Slides for the Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom

Speaker's Slides

I remember being in a college physics class and having to take extensive notes from the teachers slides. 
The problem was, it would either move too fast or I wasn’t able to focus on what was being said while writing. 
I knew this might be an issue for some, so I asked that the speakers provide a downloadable version of their presentation material if applicable so we could all thumb through it as we saw fit. 
In the members area, you’ll find a button beneath each video allowing you to download any available slides.
Private Group Access - Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom

Private Group Access

Right before we went LIVE, I reflected back on the speaker schedule with all the presentation topics.
I felt something was missing. 
We saved a time slot for Q&A, but it would be near impossible to allow everyone to ask a question
Also, there’s those who would be watching the recording, like you, who may also like to ask something specific to their situation. 
I then messaged all the speakers on a whim… My hope was that they’d agree to join a private Facebook™ community I would create, so anyone who still needed help could network with them and all of the other amazing attendees who are on the same journey as you and I. 
Alhamdulillah, they said yes– and you can meet us all inside soon after purchasing! 
You'll get lifetime access to all of this inside the members area to review if you ever feel stuck
But if all it did was help you connect with your kids, would it be worth it?
When you choose to invest today, you'll also get...
Arabic Dot Pages Starter Pack and Extension pack by Gambian Mommy and included in the Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom
[ Bonus #1 ]
Teach them Arabic with Gambian Mommy’s Starter set
Although I grew up in an Arabic speaking household, my children won’t have the same experience growing up with my wife and I. 

We’re constantly on the lookout for fun little ways to add Arabic to our kids learning. 
We quickly realized many muslim homeschoolers felt the same way. That’s when we found this awesome brand owned by Ngaima, a homeschooler turned educator who loves the Arabic language so much that she became bilingual. Ngaima has a unique creative teaching style that really makes learning another language feel engaging. 
She’s agreed to let us share with you a neat activity to help both you and your preschool aged kids learn a little Arabic while having some fun! 
You get the STARTER PACK to learn the letters. And when you’re ready to advance, use the included EXTENSION PACK that contains:
1. 3-Piece Puzzles
2. Alphabet Dominos
3. Write and Wipe Alphabet Mats
4. Alphabet Order Mats
5. Matching Mats
6. Montessori 3-Part Cards

This is loads of fun for any age. (Laylah loved it!)
Daily Planner and Homemakers Planner from Organized By: Fatima included in the Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom
[ BONUS #2 ]
Organized By: Fatima
My wife Angie is an organization master. She wasn’t always like that though. There was a time where she wore diapers and her block stacking skills weren’t very organized. (HA!) 
But no, really, there was a time in her preteen years she explains where it was difficult. 
She says her success was from good planning habits. 
She knew several moms struggled with this as well. 
So when she discovered Organized By: Fatima, she knew exactly what to ask. When you purchase today, you get "By: Fatima’s" ENTIRE 90 page printable DAILY PLANNER, good for each day of the year (make copies for several years!). 
And she also threw in another planner specifically for HOMEMAKERS
This one helps you declutter your home, track donations made for tax purposes, track garage sale options, the revenue made, cleaning supplies, shopping schedule and lists, meal planning, and so much more. 
Fractions of Me By: Helal Musleh, the author of "Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud" and "Nightly News with Safa" included in the Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom
[ BONUS #3 ]
“Fractions of Me” Creative Writing Activity From the author of “Nightly News with Safa” & “Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud“
When I was young, I always loved the projects that made me think deeply and creatively. 
It was more fun than it was work. Angelina felt the same way. Then one day we came across My Everyday Classroom by Helal Musleh, who’s a certified teacher and author of several books. 
She made us realize just how crucial it is to teach creatively from the world around us. 
We knew right away that other homeschoolers would love Helal’s style just as much as we did. 
So we asked if she could contribute to our convention somehow…and she delivered! 
Included with your bundle is a fun story activity for children aged 7-10 that will get them to think deeply about the awesome uniqueness that is themselves.
Salah Tracker by Handmade Beginnings included in the Islamic Homeschool Convention | Laylah's Classroom
[ BONUS #4 ]
Salah Tracker from Handmade Beginnings
I remember when I started to learn how to pray as a child. My mom knew I was just a kid, but she reminded me of how long it took to get consistent.
I had to get a hold on things or I could easily let a prayer slip by between playing tag, manhunt, and building forts. 
I probably would have done much better in those years if I took the time to record my actions early on.
Evangeline Do from Handmade Beginnings has designed a neat printable Salah tracker to help your young one revel in their accomplishments. 
The rewards you provide (or don’t) afterwards is totally up to you of course. 

eBooks by Fatima Hachem included in the Islamic Homeschool Convention Bundle | Laylah's Classroom
[ BONUS #5 ]
Four eBooks from Fatima Hachem
After getting Fatima Hachem on board to speak, she wanted to overdeliver anyway she could to give the best value possible. 
So she decide to give out not one or two, ...but FOUR of her ebooks
So when you decide today to get the Islamic Homeschool Convention Bundle, you’ll get: 
• 5 Steps to Manage your Time, 
• 8 Tips to Stay Organized, 
• 14 Tips to Boost your Self-Esteem, and 
• 14 Ways to Get Motivated. 
AlhamdulillahFOR Series Journal by AYEINA included in the Islamic Homeschool Convention Bundle | Laylah's Classroom
[ BONUS #6 ]
‘Alhamdulillah For…’ Series Journal by AYEINA
My wife Angie loves learning material that helps us reflect while staying true to our Islamic values.
When she came across Ayeina, she sparked up a friendship with the co-founders. 
The well known mom bloggers, tirelessly working to spread positivity and gratitude, gave us an amazing gift just for you: Ayeina’s “Alhamdulillah For…” series had us counting the blessings we often overlook. 
Included with the convention bundle is Ayeina’s 52 page, month-long printable journal activity that enabled us to: improve our perspective on life, sleep with a smile, say Alhamdulillah more often, and quench our soul's core. 
I can’t wait for you to try it yourself!
Now that you've gone through the huge list of things you're getting today to end your homeschool worries, I'd like to make you a promise...
I promise you'll be satisfied and enlightened. 
If you're unhappy for any reason during your 24 hour trial, just message us by clicking "Support" in the members area and you'll get every penny back.
It's that simple. 
But since I know this can change your life for the better... 
in addition, you'll get 14 days from the time of purchase to get a full refund if you've completed all lessons and feel unsatisfied. 
Before we know it, our kids will be old enough to drive...
So how much more time are you willing to waste?
[ limited time offer! ]
Islamic Homeschool Convention Bundle | Laylah's Classroom
[ Imagine ]
How would feeling more prepared and confident impact your journey?
My wife and I have been on an amazing learning experience that began with the idea that we wanted the best for our children in this life and the next. 

We want you to skip the frustration and confusion that not only we went through, but that we continue to see new homeschoolers at our co-op go through as well. 

We've put together one of the most value packed bundles for any muslim parent wanting to revolutionize their homeschool, be happier, end stress, and sleep with no regrets or worries about how they're handling their children's education.

I can't wait for you to get inside and see how this can impact your homeschool and family life. 

Remember, we're all in this together...

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah,
–Mostafa Eldasher
Mostafa's Family - Islamic Homeschool Convention Bundle | Laylah's Classroom
PS– If you missed it (or just scrolled to the bottom like I do at times) the secret is not a secret at all... 
It's that most people end up teaching their kids WHAT TO LEARN rather than focusing on what's much more beneficial (and easier to do): HOW TO LEARN. 

We've all gotten back up after failing to walk as babies, even without understanding a word of instruction from our parents and others! 

It's because we are naturally hardwired from our Creator to want to learn and explore. 

Only others get in the way of that (ie. our parents and teachers). 

But if you're reading this, you're probably of the few searching how NOT to be one of them

The Islamic Homeschool Convention Bundle will help you avoid this costly mistake by teaching you important homeschool pillars such as: 
  • How to foster a love of learning so your child does it independently.
  •  The secret to developing independent thinkers (the type that change the world)
  •  The three stages of independent learning
  •  How to reduce your anxiety around lesson planing and execution
  •  How play is essential to young children's mental development
  •  How to recognize your child's unique attributes
  •  How to switch from playtime to learning time without your children resenting you
  • How to discipline/correct your child like the greatest man who ever lived (PBUH).
  • How to maintain your energy without crazy diets and time consuming trips to the gym. 
  • How to get more done with each day, without burning yourself out
  • What to do when your child nears the high school years and how to handle the legal stuff around it. 
  • Preparing for college admissions and how to plan for other future goals.
  • And so much more!
Homeschool Convention Bundle | Laylah's Classroom
Here’s A Recap Of...
[ EVERYTHING You'll Get ]
When You invest in The Islamic Homeschool Convention Bundle today!
  •  "How to Raise Independent Learners and Thinkers" by Dr. Gemma Elizabeth ($62 Value)
  •  "Prophetic Methods of Teaching & Correcting Your Children" by Asmaa Hussein ($62 Value)
  •  "Paving the way to Successfully Graduating your Homeschooler" by Shannen Espelien ($62 Value)
  •  "Productivity: 5 Steps to Manage Your Time" by Fatima Hachem ($62 Value)
  •  "How to Get the Best Out of Your Child" by Hana Khatib ($62 Value)
  •  "The Importance of Prioritizing your Health as a Homeschooling Parent" by Nazima Qureshi ($62 Value)
  •  "Answering the Call: Our Purpose" by Ameera Rahim ($62 Value)
  •  "DIY Islamic Inspired Textiles" by Evangeline Do ($30 Value)
  •  Question and Answer Session Recording ($35 Value)
  •  Angelina's Personal Notes ($37 Value)
  •  Presentation Slides ($21 Value)
  •  Private Facebook™ Group with Speaker's ($35 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Gambian Mommy’s Arabic Starter set ($21 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Daily Planner and Homemaker's Planner from "Organized By: Fatima" ($30 Value)
  • Bonus #3: “Fractions of Me” Activity by Helal Musleh ($7 Value)
  • Bonus #4: Salah Tracker from Handmade Beginnings ($5 Value)
  • Bonus #5: Four eBooks from Fatima Hachem ($20 Value)
  • Bonus #6: ‘Alhamdulillah For…’ Series Journal by AYEINA ($26 Value)
Total Value: $701.00
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